1. Introduction

The commitment with the environment and a sustainable development has been one of the key areas of Chile during the last years. Based on this, in 2018 the Ministry of Finance prepared its first Green Bond issuance and its Green Bond Framework, with the technical support of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). The final version of this document was published on May, 2019 and received a favourable Second Party Opinion from Vigeo Eiris the same month. Thus, on June, 2019 the Ministry of Finance executed its first Green Bond issuance, which also obtained the CBI certification of its green portfolio.

On November, 2020 and considering the commitment of the country with the sustainable development, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals established by United Nations in 2015, the Ministry of Finance decided to incorporate social items in its financial strategy. Thus, and again with the support of the IDB, Chile published its Sustainable Bond Framework, which allowed the first Social Bond issuance during November, 2020.
New issuances were executed in 2021, through operations in the external markets, which considered the reopening of two green bonds and two new social bonds, denominated in euros and dollars.

Aligned with the Sustainable Bond Framework, the Ministry of Finance committed to publish three reports, in connection to its green, social and sustainable issuances. These are:

  • Allocation Report: Which provides information about the allocation of resources (expenditures) until the complete disbursement of funds.
  • Eligibility Report: Informing the alignment of the projects to the criteria established in the section Use of Resources of the Framework. The current report details the eligibility of green projects, as long as it is required to comply with the CBI standard V3.0 (more info here Regarding the eligibility of social projects, they are in line with the established in the Sustainable Bond Framework.
  • Impact Report: To be produced along with the Ministry of Environment (green projects) and the Microeconomic Division of the Ministry of Finance (social projects), informing impact indicators related to green and social projects.

These documents shall be published annually, including all the information available until the end of the last year. Through this report, Chile complies with this commitment, which presents in a consolidated way the Allocation, Eligibility and Impact Report.

2022 | Ministerio de Hacienda