3. Green Projects

a) 2019 & 2020 Green Portfolio

Since 2019, Chile has certified Green portfolios with CBI, with a strong focus on clean transportation, clean energies and Green buildings. The portfolios certified in 2019 and 2020 were the following:

Projects Certified in 2019.

  • Subway Line 3 (Metro de Santiago).
  • Subway Line 3 extension (Metro de Santiago).
  • Subway Line 7 (Metro de Santiago).
  • Electromobility projects in Metropolitan mobility system (RED)
  • Renewal of Train Parts.
  • Installation of Solar Thermal Systems
  • Installation of PV Panels.
  • Solar panels in public buildings.
  • Green building.
  • Water Resources Analysis and Conservation.

Projects certified in 2020.

  • Subway Line 8 (Metro de Santiago).
  • Subway Line 4 Extension (Metro de Santiago).
  • Subway Reconstruction (Metro de Santiago).
  • Alameda-Melipilla Commuter Rail, National Railway Company (EFE).
  • Alameda-Chillan Commuter Rail, EFE.
  • Metro-train Coronel-Lota.

b) Projects certified in 2021.

New buses for the national electromobility system (RED).

This project includes the necessary financing for the acquisition through auctions of new electric buses for the RED system. In total, this project includes the purchase 992 electric buses, of which 82 correspond to Foton U10 model and 910 correspond to Foton U12 model.

Green buildings.

These include building and other works performed by the Direction of Arquitecture of the Ministry of Public Works, and considered the Certification of Sustainable Building, as energy efficient. Between the buildings considered in this portfolio, there are activities of restoration, reposition or reconstruction of public infrastructure in health, security, recreation and education, among others.

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